So Don't

from by Stratus



Don't want to squander your cash
on fat and sugary hash, so don't
Don't want a flashy new ride
or put your kids on the glide, so don't

Don't want the white collar alliance to guide you
Don't want the bulletin executive hiding you
You've got no intents to decide
So don't, so don't, so don't

You want a backdoor libertine
to satisfy your reary dream, so do
You want to quit your profession
as a labour investor, so do

You want to feed the underpaid for the day
You want to show the overeaten to change their way
You want someone yourself to show you through
So do, please do (by all means, do)

I know you had a hard time that noone could forsee
And it would be nice to rely on their appeal
Those who can provide you with everything you need
They might as well acquire a sudden fit of greed

As we all are fools now, know nothing 'bout a thing
And no one is the wiser 'bout future coming
The nominated few of the common reasoning
Do you really think they know where to plant the harbouring?

Don't want a crook to decide
what program you should abide, so don't
Don't want the greed to provide
the pad in which you reside, so don't

But if you're telling me that I should give in
To whatever nursery court you will put me in
To those who override my domain
Well don't, no don't, please don't


from Stratonomy, released December 20, 2015
Words & music - Fredrik Andersson
Guitars/vocals - Fredrik Andersson
Bass guitar - Georg Bivall
Drums/percussion - Robert Wiiand



all rights reserved


Stratus Örebro, Sweden

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