I Hate You and I Wish You Were Dead

from by Stratus



I hate you and I wish that you were dead
I'd rather be myself than in your bed
I want to be alone now, do you mind?
I want to disassociate from your kind

I know I've been alone now for some time
But like you said, we'd hardly walk the line
It's true we got along well for a while
But now I see you were a waste of time

I can't believe I saved myself for you
I thought I had a reason to be true

Once I got to know you and you me
You suddenly made up I wouldn't please
You're right we're certainly not of one kind
I'd never ditch a love for a biased mind

It's sad to see another love downturned
But thanks to you my trust in love is burned

Now I wish we'd never met
Oh, I wish we'd never met
Oh I hate you and I wish that you were dead

I thought to need a woman in my life
I thought I needed you while by your side
Each time I fall I lose another dare
You girls can go to hell for all I care

I hate you and I wish that you were dead
I'd like to see you dangling from a thread
From all your talk of what love means to you
I want you in disgrace in public view

I should have known by all your random talk
I caught your eye only by pure unluck

How I wish that you were dead
Your severed head in your bed
Think of who will tell your parents that you're dead


from Stratonomy, released December 20, 2015
Words & music - Fredrik Andersson
Guitars/vocals/harp- Fredrik Andersson
Bass guitar - Georg Bivall
Drums/percussion - Robert Wiiand



all rights reserved


Stratus Örebro, Sweden

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